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Links to Other Sites

Here are some other websites you may find helpful

Gradient Geothermal
A Missoula Based Company I have worked for. Started and owned by Garry Carlson.
Homepage for Geologist/Artist John C. Holden
John C. Holden has many professional and other publications to his credit. He did some of the early work on plate tectonics with Robert S. Dietz, and you will often see graphics from his professional papers in introductory geology textbooks. His art is unique... check it out. We have many of his prints on our walls...
Some of the materials we use in presentations come from this site. We have met the owner and have had exellent experience with him and his products. Send him an email if you need something you don't see...
This non-profit group has chapters throughout the area of the Glacial Lake Missoula Floods. They offer Field Trips with people doing the Science in the area. We get most of our basic science information from members of the Ice Age Floods Institute and the books on our "Books" page. Check their Website and plan ahead to take their tours. Excellent people to work with.
Homepage for the Montana Natural History Center in Missoula. A host of programs and a growing number of exhibits.
The Glacial Lake Missoula Chapter of the Ice Age Floods Institute meets here on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM. There is a Glacial Lake Missoula exhibit here.
Picture Tomorrow: Creative Visions for Conservation
"Picture Tomorrow brings the power of photography to environmental and social issues."
They are currently working on a Glacial Lake Missoula project and have some great photographs on their website.
Maptech: Topo Maps Charts Navigation Software GPS and Free Online Map Server
Great new devices, and access to free Printable (!) Topo Maps. Click on "Online Maps" and "Maptech Map Server". If you are into maps you will find things of interest.
Maps, Mapping Software, GPS Receivers and Professional GIS Software.
Fun things about weather, including current conditions and forecasts.
Western Region National Weather Service
Detailed weather information, maps, satellite imagery, etc for Northwestern US.
Missoula Cemetery Home Page
Location of Stories and Stones

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